You think this is a game? Well I don’t wanna play.

Being strong means being heartless.

You’ve lost that look in your eye.
The one that told me everything was fine without a word.
But now we’re standing face to face,
with nothing left to say but goodbye to yesterday.

I don’t know if I can make it.
I don’t know if I’m that strong.
I don’t know where we went wrong but somehow it’s over.
In my mind I see you clearly.
In my dreams I feel you near me.
I want to know, does this feeling go away?

Like shooting stars we shine and then we fade,
breaking the promises we made.
What about the promises?
What about the promises we made?
What about our plans for forever?
Did they scare you?
Did you need to get away?

You taught me many things.
Like how it feels to miss someone so bad it
feels like a part of you is missing.
I can tell you one thing.
Now that you have gone I never will forget you.
You left your mark.

When you have gone and I’ve moved on will you remember me?

I don’t feel like dying, but you’re killing me.

Told me you need something better. What is better than love?
Told me you need something new. But all I need is you to feel the way you make me feel.

I would give up breathing for you.

I don’t wanna be around when it all comes down to watch something beautiful die.

You say the only way is to run away..

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